Magic potion kettle

This kettle is used at fairs and other events to draw attention to a drink. The object glows and ejects bubbles.

Made of R&G Epoxy Resin L + Hardener GL2 and various glass fabrics.

Manufacturer + Photo: Horst Polster

Outdoor Project

Sculpture Line Prague
"We grow together“

Artwork Presentation 27.7.2023

In Cooperation with Prague congress centre, Czech German Future Fund

Artist: Anja Luithle

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Epoxy resin coating lower ship

Coating of a lower ship

R&G Epoxy Gelcoat


Universal Epoxy Colour Paste signal blue

Photos: Compatic, Esslingen, Hans-Dieter Künzel

R&G wins again in the FMT readers' poll

"Highest Product Quality" category

CompoCon - 19th August 2023

Convention for model pilots who make their own models from or with composite materials.
It doesn't matter whether they are made in positive construction or laminated from negative molds.

Whether jet, aerobatic or glider pilot... All are welcome again.

August 19, 2023 at the Luftsportverein Brüggen Schwalmtal e.V. near Mönchengladbach, Germany


Catherine Bernaisch:
"As a trained glass painter, I discovered the material fiberglass for myself.
An extraordinary light source and highlight in any room."

R&G provides materials for fantastic ideas!

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Dora Varkonyi works with R&G casting resins

Article in the magazine NEUE KERAMIK, issue Jan/Feb 2023 (issue available at the publisher)

Photos Paul Varkonyi

Floor coating/concrete coating with R&G epoxy resin

Non-slip floor coating with R&G epoxy resin L

Camera boom made of R&G CFRP round tubes

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R&G supports Akaflieg Karlsruhe

Protectors for surfboards

High-quality and noble protection for sensitive board noses.
Super light, impact resistant carbon nose protectors, handmade in Germany.
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Build Motorcycle benches yourself

6-page article from Motorrad Classic, issue 9/2021
Download the magazine from the publisher (in german only)

Build & ride a wakeboard

Tutorial for building a lightweight wakeboard

MCM Oktoberfest Cup F3b 2019

R&G supports the MCM Oktoberfest Cup F3b

Aachen Drone Development Initiative

R&G supports the ADDI


River tables from Julian Szmania

Used products


Duo Discus Scale 1:3

15 m span, foot-launchable sailplane

This channel presents key activities related to the development of a new, 15 m span, foot-launchable sailplane.

R&G supports Akaflieg Karlsruhe

altar of the Citykirche Aachen

There he survived all the centuries and wars - a misguided New Year's Eve rocket burned down the altar of the Citykirche Aachen built around 1526 in 2011.
The Bennemann restoration workshop in Cologne was commissioned to restore it - we were involved with materials and expertise.

R&G supports Akamodell Stuttgart

Akamodell Stuttgart

1st place Air Cargo Challenge

R&G supports the F3J-Team Germany

Article about R&G's Epoxy Resin L in the Composite World

"Variable-axial composite open path to lighter composite structure"
Production of a recurve bow with the aim of saving 50-75 % in weight with higher strength and stiffness.