Dora Varkonyi works with R&G casting resins

Article in the magazine NEUE KERAMIK, issue Jan/Feb 2023 (issue available at the publisher)

Photos Paul Varkonyi

Floor coating/concrete coating with R&G epoxy resin

Non-slip floor coating with R&G epoxy resin L

Camera boom made of R&G CFRP round tubes

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R&G supports Akaflieg Karlsruhe

Protectors for surfboards

High-quality and noble protection for sensitive board noses.
Super light, impact resistant carbon nose protectors, handmade in Germany.
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Build Motorcycle benches yourself

6-page article from Motorrad Classic, issue 9/2021
Download the magazine from the publisher (in german only)

Build & ride a wakeboard

Tutorial for building a lightweight wakeboard

MCM Oktoberfest Cup F3b 2019

R&G supports the MCM Oktoberfest Cup F3b

Aachen Drone Development Initiative

R&G supports the ADDI


River tables from Julian Szmania

Used products


Duo Discus Scale 1:3

15 m span, foot-launchable sailplane

This channel presents key activities related to the development of a new, 15 m span, foot-launchable sailplane.

R&G supports Akaflieg Karlsruhe

altar of the Citykirche Aachen

There he survived all the centuries and wars - a misguided New Year's Eve rocket burned down the altar of the Citykirche Aachen built around 1526 in 2011.
The Bennemann restoration workshop in Cologne was commissioned to restore it - we were involved with materials and expertise.

R&G supports Akamodell Stuttgart

Akamodell Stuttgart

1st place Air Cargo Challenge

R&G supports the F3J-Team Germany

Article about R&G's Epoxy Resin L in the Composite World

"Variable-axial composite open path to lighter composite structure"
Production of a recurve bow with the aim of saving 50-75 % in weight with higher strength and stiffness.